Unfinished Portrait
Two Lilies
Self Portrait (Layer Painting)
Jacket, Vest, and Chair
Gallery Corner Guitar
First Drummer View
Sunblast Angel
The Chicken Man
The First Song
To Die For
Untitled 23
The Birth of Venus
(48"x74" acrylic and oil bar on canvas)
(49"x63" oil and acrylic on canvas)
(48"x58" acrylic and oil bar on canvas)
Red Song
(38"x60" acrylic and oil stick on canvas)
20 Minute Painting
Siren Melody
(48"x58" acrylic and oil bar on canvas)
Bloom Jester
(25"x30" oil and acrylic on canvas)
Untitled 16
(49"x63" acrylic and oil stick on canvas)
A King Lost His Queen
Mother's Mercy
(52"x66" acrylic and oil bar on canvas)
Untitled 14
(52"x66" acrylic and oil stick on canvas)
Untitled 6
(45"x45" acrylic on canvas)
Home Movie
Untitled 25
Untitled 26


American Artist

 "My art is freedom to create. Whether its a feeling or trying to break apart a figure in my mind, It is about capturing a moment.  Similar to when you are playing music and an impulse overtakes you. Once you establish a rhythm, it calls for the melodies, and it begins to paint itself. And I try to add some feeling in there- whatever I am feeling.. It is different every time. Most importantly, I just want it to be real."




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Fine Art & Atelier




Now open to the public in beautiful Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, Brest Studios is located on Dolores St. between 5th & 6th.


No appointment is necessary; for a private viewing of any of Jacob's available works, please call or email to schedule an appointment.




ALL RIGHTS RESERVED TO Brest Studios, artwork copyright of Jacob & Chelsea Brest. Gallery images copyright Brest Studios, 2012

Abstract Expressionist artist

Jacob Brest.


Jacob has a distinct quality in his character that is the key ingredients of a genuine artistic nature- nothing is borrowed, nothing influenced- everything is raw, unharmed, as if it bubbles up from within his own inner spring. He surprised art dealers and collectors alike with his modesty, and undying dedication in proving himself and establishing a place for his work in today’s competitive art world.


His creative process is not something easily explained. It is not a job, nor means of gaining monetary security- but simply a demonstration of who he is- an impulsive creative often overflowing with a symphony of complex compositions, bold contrasting lines and fervent use of color.  In this chaotic nature, his style of work perfects his way of existence and is a testament of his universe, as if he is holding an ongoing conversation with the world through lines and color.

The primary paint and canvas act as vessels for a new way of creating a type of music that is a crucial element in the completion of who he is. He is freezing the sounds and melodies of his world and spreading it on the canvas with color and line: the bold colors, a rhythm; the contrasting black and whites, improvised melodies; and the always-constant energy, established by a base line color.


He has completely eliminated the step in art of planning ones work removing all elements of premeditation, and in doing so producing an act truthfully raw with intense honestly. Within Jacob’s multi-leveled compositions, one will find a turbulent blend of emotions and energy- the heat of the moment, excitement, doubts, fears- he pours all of this from his mind and leaves himself behind on the canvas to be absorbed by the world around him and moves on to the next valley of imagination. The viewer, when considering Jacob’s work, will find the astounding creative honesty and living energy of emotions in the canvas, inviting the viewer to become a participant in the work as they serve witness to the artist’s every impulsive moment, as if taking audience to the actual creation of the work itself.


In summary, no one could describe the formation of his artistic style better than the artist himself, Jacob Brest:

    "I wanted to make something raw, bold. I paint from my mind now, and I don’t always know what I'll paint next. I paint as I feel it, not something that's already there. I just wanted to paint something real, and that's what this is. It is the chance of every drip, the anger of a brushstroke, it's me."

And his work is just that- a testament to the immediate inner-workings of the artist’s mind. Work by work, he serves fragments of his world to the canvas, every move authenticated by a rushed intent to capture what he carries inside.

Like a theater of events, he draws the viewer into his universe, always in a chase to catch a transfer of emotive energy before the door is shut and another opens.­­


For someone his age, the interest that surrounds his creative journey is enormous.  We hope art lovers and collectors alike will bare witness to his victorious journey in the world of arts as we watch his spontaneous metamorphosis as he discovers and rediscovers the world around him with each harmony he plays, canvas to canvas.